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PZL W-3   Program History
  • Signature of the Soviet-Polish Design & Development Contract
  • Preliminary design by Soviet and Polish engineers at MIL Moscow
  • Design of the PZL-10W turboshaft engine
  • First W-3 mock-up built by the Moscow Helicopter Plant
  • Stanisław Kamiński W-3 project engineer
  W-3 mock-up 1976
  • Final W-3 mock-up built by PZL-Świdnik
  • Detailed design of the W-3 helicopter
  • Reduced Soviet commitment in the W-3 project
  • First run of the PZL-10W turboshaft engine built by PZL-Rzeszów
  • Laboratory and ground tests
  • 16 November - First hover flight of the W-3 (2nd prototype)
    to present the new W-3 helicopter to the Polish government
  • Withdrawal of Soviet engineers from the W-3 project
  SP-PSB 1982
  • 6 May - Maiden flight of the W-3 helicopter (3rd prototype)
  • 4 June - Maiden flight of the 5th prototype
  • 24 July - Maiden flight of the 4th prototype
  • 26 November - Maiden flight of the 6th prototype
  • Serial production of the PZL-10W turboshaft engines
    by PZL-Rzeszów
  1st production rotorcraft 1987
  • Maiden flight of the first production rotorcraft
  • 04 August - Maiden flight of the W-3R
  • 26 September - Temporary Polish Type Certificate W-3
  • July/August - Delivery of first W-3 helicopters to the Polish army.
    Handing-over of two W-3 helicopters to the Polish navy
  • August - Test flights of W-3 SP-SUA at the High Tatra mountains
    chartered by the Czechoslovak air ambulance service
  W-3U Salamandra 1990
  • 17 March - Maiden flight of the W-3U Salamandra
  • April - Delivery of the first W-3 helicopter
    to the Polish ministry of the interior
  • 10 April - Type Certificate W-3 by Poland
  W-3RM Anakonda 1991
  • Delivery of one W-3 rotorcraft to OKADA AIR (Nigeria)
  • April - Maiden flight of the W-3RM Anakonda
  • June - Display of W-3 SP-SUD at the Paris Airshow
  • September - Display of W-3 SP-SUD at the Helitech 1991
  • November - Order for two W-3A helicopters
    by the Saxony ministry of the interior
  • Delivery of 13 W-3 to the Myanmar Air Force completed
  • June - Display of W-3 SP-SUB, W-3R SP-SUE and W-3RM 0411
    at the ILA'1992 at Berlin
  • July - Delivery of first W-3RM helicopters to the Polish Navy
  • 17 December - Type Certificate W-3 by Russia
    according to Russian aviation regulations NLGW-1 and NLGW-2
  W-3L project 1993
  • April - Display of W-3WB ZU-AGU at the Africa Aviation Show
    at Johannesburg
  • April - Delivery of first W-3W helicopters to the Polish air force
  • May - Display of W-3W 0516 at the IDEE'94 exhibition at Brno
  • June - Display of W-3A 420 at the ILA'1994 at Berlin
  • September - Display of W-3W 0601 at Wiener Neustadt
  • October - Presentation of the Israel NT-D long-range anti-tank
    missile to the Polish Ministry of Defence
  • Delivery of the first helicopter to CITI AIR (South Korea)
  • June - Display of W-3A SP-SYE at the Paris Airshow
  • October - handing-over of first W-3W helicopters
    to the Polish army aviation
  • December - Display of W-3RM 510
    at the Langkawi International Maritime and Airspace Exhibition
  • Maiden flight of the W-3RR Procjon
  • The 100th W-3 helicopter was manufactured
  • 12 April - Order for 35 Sokół helicopters
    by DAEWOO (South Korea)
  • May - Display of W-3WA SP-SYK at the ILA'1996 at Berlin
  • September - Delivery of first helicopters to the Czech Air Force
  • September - Delivery of first helicopters to DAEWOO
  • Delivery of one W-3AM to Vietnam
  • September - Delivery of first W-3WA helicopters
    to the Polish army aviation
  • 13 October -Signature of the Memorandum of Understanding
    between the Polish government and a consortium of Israel's
    ELBIT, EL-OP and RAFAEL for arming 100 W-3W/A
    with NT-D long-range anti-tank missiles
  W-3A RR Procjon 1998
  • Design of the more powerful engine version PZL-10W2
  • Maiden flight of the W-3A RR Procjon
  • Flight tests of W-3WA equipped with the PWD smoke generator
  • May - Display of W-3A SP-PSL at the ILA'1998 at Berlin
  • September - Signature of the co-operation agreement with
    EUROMISSILE for the integration of the HOT/Viviane system
  • September - Display of W-3WA 0619 at the MSPO'1998
  • 19 November - Maiden flight of the W-3A PPD Gipsówka
  • 8 December - Cancellation of the helicopter-upgrade contract
    with Israel by the Polish government
  HOT/VIVIANE demonstrator SP-SUW 1999
  • 4 March - Firing trials of the HOT 3 long-range anti-tank missile
    from the company's HOT/Viviane demonstrator
  • 20 October - 31 December - Leasing of W-3 SP-SUA
    by HELI AIR Zagel for logging and transport operations in Bavaria
  W-3RM with folded rotor blades 2000
  • Ground tests of W-3RM with new main rotor with blade folding
  • a number of W-3WA assault helicopters of the Polish Army's
    66th Aviation Wing are now equipped with fully night-vision goggles-
    compatible cockpits to operate the Litton M927-AN/AVS-6 NVG's
  • April - Delivery of one W-3AM to HELIBRAVO (Portugal)
  • 16 October - Type Certificate W-3A by Spain
  • 28 November - Presentation of W-3RM 0513
    with folded rotor blades to the Polish navy
  • W-3A helicopters operated by the Saxony police
    are now equipped with fully night-vision goggles-compatible cockpits
  • June - Display of W-3A SP-FSU at the Paris Airshow
  • September - Display of W-3A PPD 0816 and W-3WA 0903
    at the MSPO'2001 exhibition in Kielce
  • December - Delivery of one W-3A helicopter
    to the United Arab Emirates
  • December - Final military acceptance test
    of the W-3WA helicopter full flight simulator
    developed by the ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries Company
  • 28 June - The W-3WA helicopter full flight simulator named "Klaudia"
    was introduced into service officially at the new training facility
    at the Tomaszow Mazowiecki air base.
  • September - Display of W-3WA 0905 at the MSPO'2002.
    The armament include the guided missile system Polyphem
    for long range precision strikes
  • Modification of first W-3 helicopters to the W-3AS standard by PZL-Świdnik
  • 7 March - Signature of contract for the sale of one W-3 helicopter
    in VIP/passenger version to the Russian government
  • 7 March - Type Certificate W-3A2 by Poland
  • 24 April - Polish Type Certificate W-3AS BC-188
  • 25 April - presentation of W-3A SP-PSL and W-3WA 0910
    to Indonesia at the Warszawa-Babice airport
  • July - Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) and PZL-Świdnik have delayed renewing the licence agreement, which expired in April. KAI began selling Sokół helicopters in 1996. KAI was in charge of selling the W-3 in several Asian countries as well as Australia and South Africa. But KAI has sold only nine W-3s, including six to DAEWOO.
  • August - Deployment of the Polish Army Airmobile Task Force to Iraq. The Polish-led Multi-national Division Centre-South (MND(CS)) will be supported by a 300-personnel helicopter component drawn from the 25th Air Cavalery Brigade of the Polish Army. Six W-3WAs operated by Tomaszow Mazowiecki-based 66 DL and four Mi-8Ts of 37 DL based at Leznica Wielka are the core of the Task Force.
  • 19 September - Delivery of one W-3A2 to HELIBRAVO (Portugal).
    The helicopter was manufactured in the fire-fighting version. It is equipped with the expandable water tank developed by PZL-Świdnik. This tank is able to carry up to 1500 l of water. The W-3A2 is fitted with EFIS and Smiths Industries SN 530 4-axis autopilot.
  • November - Launch of a new upgrade programme for the W-3WA
    combat support helicopter by the Polish Ministry of National Defence.
    The programme, codenamed Głuszec, includes measures to make the final
    product fully compatible with the modernised Mi-24s of the Polish Army
    as well as the Polish Navy's Mi-14PL and SH-2G helicopters. According to
    the development schedule, the upgrade must be ready for production
    by the end of August 2005 and up to 12 W-3WA helicopters should be
    modernised by the end of 2008.
  • Modernization of the first PZL W-3W helicopter to the PZL W-3WA 9th batch standard by WZL-1 at Lodz.
  • 15 December - Contract to provide military equipment for the new Iraqi armed forces was signed. The deal was finalised between the Polish state-owned defence industry consortium BUMAR and the Iraqi Ministry of Defence.
    The contract covers an order for delivery of 20 PZL W-3 helicopters, including four in VIP transport configuration, four medevac variants and 12 armed assault versions. This marks the largest ever single order for PZL W-3 helicopters. The first example will be delivered to the new Iraqi army in November 2005.
    (Source: AirForces Monthly February 2005)
  • 20 January - The Polish Prime Minister Marek Belka stated on the return from his Vietnam visit that the Vietnamese People's Army Air Force will purchase 4 W-3 helicopters.
    (Source: AirForces Monthly March 2005)
  • Order of one W-3RM Anakonda and four PZL Kania helicopters by the Polish Border Guard, for delivery in 2006.
    (Source: AirForces Monthly June 2005)
  • 17 March - EASA Type Certificate PZL W-3AS.
  • April - The Polish state-owned defence industry consortium BUMAR reported that the contract announced last December for delivery of 20 PZL W-3 helicopters for the new Iraqi air force will not proceed as planned. Only two W-3s in VIP configuration will be delivered in 2005 for testing. An eventual order for a more significant number of PZL W-3 helicopters is still possible and could exceed the initial figure of 20.
    (Source: AirForces Monthly June 2005)
  • 25 June - Display of W-3WA RM 0906 at the SAR Meet at Kiel-Holtenau equipped with 406 MHz beacon compatible with the COSPAS-SARSAT system.
  • Modernization of W-3WA 0901 within the Głuszec upgrade programm.
  • The Polish Ministry of Defence signed a contract for the upgrade of four existing W-3WA to the new W-3PL Głuszec configuration.
    (Source: AirForces Monthly April 2011)
  • May - Display of Czech Air Force W-3A 0718 at the ILA'2006 at Berlin.
  • 16 June - EASA Type Certificate PZL W-3A.
  • June - Modification of W-3A PPD registered 0816
    to the W-3A PSOT version.
  • Maiden flight of the W-3PL Głuszec.
  • September - Display of W-3PL 0901 at the MSPO'2007
  • 27 May - PZL-Świdnik and ZF Luftfahrtechnik GmbH signed the Letter of Intent which includes the agreement to discuss the possibility of common designing, developing, manufacturing and supporting of new transmissions (main gearbox, intermediate gearbox and tail-rotor gearbox) for the Sokół helicopter. At the same time the parties of the Letter of Intent declared their will of cooperation at designing, manufacturing and erecting of a rotor blades test-stand facility at PZL-Świdnik.
  • 21 October - Presentation of the PZL W-3 Sokół helicopter modernization program.
  • PZL-Świdnik has completed the production of two PZL W-3A helicopters, which were ordered by the Ministry of Defence of Poland. Both aircraft were manufactured in VIP configuration and will be used as the mean of transportation by president, prime minister as well as members of government.
  • 28 August - The bid of PZL-Świdnik for the supply and delivery of eight Combat Utility Helicopters was accepted by the Department of National Defence of the Republic of the Philippines (Notice of Award).
  • September - Display of Polish Air Force PZL W-3RL 0417
    at the Helitech 2009 at Duxford.
  • 27 February - China will buy 150 helicopters from PZL-Świdnik over 10 years under an agreement signed between the Polish aircraft manufacturer and China's Jiujiang Aeronautics plant. PZL-Świdnik will deliver three types of helicopters: PZL W-3, PZL Kania and PZL SW-4, according to orders that will be specified on a yearly basis.
    PZL-Świdnik also intend to assemble the PZL W-3 rotorcraft in China. According to Poland's Rzeczpospolita daily, PZL's Chinese partner is preparing the ground for the assembly plant.
    (Source: agence france-presse published 27Feb2010)
  • 01 July - Type Certificate W-3A by the Civil Aviation Administration of China
  • September - Delivery of first W-3A to CONAF (Chile).
  • 11 February - PZL-Świdnik has completed delivery of all four upgraded W-3PL Głuszec helicopters ordered by the Polish Land Forces.

  • 16 January - PZL-Świdnik has signed new contracts with the Polish defence ministry for the supply of five W-3WA Sokół helicopters and the upgrade of 14 helicopters.
    The five new W-3WA Sokół helicopters will be configured for VIP transport. Deliveries of the five aircraft will be completed by the end of 2013.
    Separate contracts for the upgrading of 14 helicopters have also been signed comprising the upgrade of four W-3 Sokół helicopters to W-3PL Głuszec armed configuration, the overhaul and upgrade of eight Mi-2 helicopters and the upgrade of two W-3 VIP helicopters with a FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) system.
  • 13 February - First four Sokół helicopters for the Philippine Air Force were airfreighted out of Rzeszow-Jasionka.
  • 09 March - First four Sokół helicopters were officially handed over to the Philippine Air Force at Clark Air Base 40 miles northwest of Manila.
  • March - Display of CONAF W-3A CC-ACJ at FIDAE 2012 at Santiago de Chile.
  • September - PZL-Świdnik has started development of the W-3PL/N Naval helicopter.