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ID: 17772          Views: 493

Photo ID: 17772


Photographer: Pierre Gillard     More
Date:  May1997
Location: Marseille-Provence   (LFML / MRS)     More     
(France)     More
Aircraft: Mi-8AMT     More
Registration: RA-25750 (2)
CN59489607833     More
Operator: Skytech International     More

ID: 17469          Views: 350

Photo ID: 17469


Photographer: Collection Michael Mau     More
Date:  1973
Location: Marseille-Provence   (LFML / MRS)     More     
(France)     More
Aircraft: SA-341G     More
Registration: 12002
CN1048     More
Operator: AF of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia     More

ID: 1025          Views: 839

Photo ID: 1025


Photographer: Arnodo Cyril     More
Date: 26Aug2003
Location: Marseille-Provence   (LFML / MRS)     More     
(France)     More
Aircraft: Mi-26T     More
Registration: RA-06279   /   020 orange
CN340 012 12522     More
Operator: EMERCOM of Russia     More

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