by Thomas Girke

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Aircraft History Summary

Data of Manufacturing


PZL Mi-2


WSK PZL-Świdnik S.A.



Construction Number

53 45 41 12 5

Line Number


Time Line of Aircraft History

  Registration / Serial Type Operator Time Line  
details B-2541 Mi-2 Aviation squadron of the Ministry of Interior del 16Jan1976  
details B-2541 Mi-2 Aviation department of the Federal Ministry of Interior trf  1979  
details 4541 Mi-2 1st Aviation Training Regiment trf 03Nov1981  
details 4541 Mi-2 31st Mixed Command and Reconnaissance Squadron trf 06Nov1985  
details 4541 Mi-2 11th Helicopter Regiment trf 31Oct1992  
details 4541 Mi-2 34th Training Air Base    
details 4541 Mi-2 Ing. Vladimír Škrna sold  2003 photo(s)
details 4541 Mi-2 private f/n 21Apr2018 photo(s)
details 4541 Mi-2 Aviation Museum Hrdlořezy f/n 22Jun2022 photo(s)