by Thomas Girke

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Aircraft History Summary

Data of Manufacturing




Kazan Helicopters



Construction Number

202 M30

Line Number

not known

Time Line of Aircraft History

  Registration / Serial Type Operator Time Line  
details CCCP-70870 Mi-17 MAP Kazan APO rgd 02Dec1991  
details RA-70870 Mi-17 Aerinn f/n 17Jan1995 photo(s)
details 04-20230 Mi-17 US Army Test and Evaluation Command    
details 58502 Mi-17-1V Pakistan Army Aviation trf 10Jun2009  
details 58502 Mi-17-1V Counter Narcotics Terrorism Program Office f/r  2009  
details 58502 Mi-17-1V unknown f/n 23Dec2011 photo(s)
details 58502 Mi-17-1V unknown f/r  Feb2012  
details 58502 Mi-17-1V Joint Multinational Readiness Center f/r  Apr2012  
details 502 Mi-17-1V Afghanistan Security Forces Special Mission Wing f/r 12Feb2013 photo(s)
details 502 Mi-17-1V Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Air Force capt  Aug2021